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More Dutch Art at Meridian, The Washington Post, 24-4-1982, Style Section

"Reality Revisited" at Meridian House, 1630 Crescent Place NW, is a show of six contemporary painters who have two things in common: They are all realists of various sorts, and they all have the same enterprising agent, who arranged for them to represent all of contemporary Dutch art during this Netherlands-American Bicentennial.

Though he can also dazzle with a mere bowl of plums, Rein Pol, 33, is less leery of the present than Helmantel, and adds clues in his silky surfaced oils that will save future generations the trouble of wondering which century he's from. A self-portrait in a mirror, for example, includes a jar of pickles; in a still life with violin, there lurks a book on Impressionism. Pol's xxx gives his art an added dimension that suggests broad possibilities for future growth.